Link to 20150505_liberation_day/index.html

Liberation Day (May 2015)

Link to 20140604_bernard_phd_defense/index.html

Bernard's PhD Defense (June 2014)

Link to 20140505_liberation_day/index.html

Liberation Day (May 2014)

Link to 20140101_fireworks/index.html

Fireworks (January 2014)

Link to 20131225_cmas_food/index.html

Christmas Food (December 2013)

Link to 20131218_cmas_lecture/index.html

Christmas Lecture (December 2013)

Link to 20130706_zurifest_fireworks/index.html

Fireworks Zurifest Saturday (July 2013)

Link to 20130705_zurifest_fireworks/index.html

Fireworks Zurifest Friday (July 2013)

Link to 20130622_moon/index.html

Moon (June 2013)

Link to 20130127_grad_school_retreat/index.html

Grad School retreat (January 2013)

Link to 20121231_fireworks/index.html

Fireworks (January 2013)

Link to 20121219_christmas_lecture/index.html

Christmas Lecture (December 2012)

Link to 20121102_halloween_party/index.html

Halloween party (November 2012)

Link to 20120811_street_parade/index.html

Street parade (August 2012)

Link to 20120720_berlin/index.html

Berlin (July 2012)

Link to 20120610_bbq/index.html

BBQ (June 2012)

Link to 20110824_lightning/index.html

Lightning (August 2011)

Link to 20110821_summer_zurich/index.html

Summer in Zurich (August 2011)

Link to 20110809_double_rainbow/index.html

Double rainbow (August 2011)

Link to 20110808_bbq/index.html

BBQ Marco (August 2011)

Link to 20110624_party/index.html

Party Aude and Marek (June 2011)

Link to 20110508_party_alex/index.html

Party Alexander (May 2011)

Link to 20110403_spring_zurich/index.html

Spring in Zurich (April 2011)