The Tower of Babel and Easter

If you take a few languages then some words are very much like each other while other words seem to be different in every language. This is the most striking in food-related stuff. An eggplant is called aubergine in both Dutch and German, although the people in Austria (where they are supposed to speak German) call it melanzani. The explanation is simple as food is related to local traditions (and regulations).
Anyway, in this week before Easter I noticed the differences between the languages as well. As there is jack shit to do today, it seemed like a Good Friday to make a table.

Easter in English, German and Dutch

Here is a larger version. The results are not world-shocking but interesting nevertheless. For example, the differences between Holy Thursday, Gr√ľnndonnerstag and Witte donderdag. The differences between the two colors is remarkable. (although there was snow yesterday, so the White Thursday did make sense)
Then there is also the difference between Good Friday and Karfreitag. “Kar” stands for complaining, sadness (maybe wailing, like the Wailing Wall). The “Good” is for the abolition of sin and the victory over satan. Slightly more positive, I would say.

In a certain way, it is remarkable that some religious people celebrate Christmas and go hiking with Easter. Christianity is based on the resurrection of Jezus, which is remembered with Easter. But then, there are more things I don’t understand. Why are people wearing a cross, I’m not going to wear an electric chair, am I?

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