Why do I have a free day today? New Years’ Edition

Are you kidding me? Januari 1st is an institutionalized get-over-your-hangover-day. Why are you actually reading this site? You should be in bed with a headache. Courtesy of the people who didn’t drink too much on New Years Eve, there are some traditional events in Europe and the Netherlands.

  • Ski jumping at Garmisch-Partenkirchen: I have to admit that seeing people plummet from a mountain is an entertaining way to start the new year. Just when you started to think you were stupid last night to drink this much you see people doing something even more stupid.
  • New Year’s Concert in Vienna: Also stupid, but frankly too loud to be entertaining. Also, I don’t like Srauss. This years playlist: Franz von SuppĂ©, Johann Strauss, Jr., Josef Strauss, Eduard Strauss, Hans Christian Lumbye, Johann Strauss, sen.
  • New Year’s Dive: At various places in the Netherlands (and across the world I guess) people try to get over their hangover by jumping in the see or lakes. They did this for years and as it gained popularity it attracted commercial interest. Uno, maker of low-quality sausages, started to sponsor the event and advertised it, making it even more popular. Now you can see people dive into the see with a stupid Unox-hat on. Once they are out of the water they can eat a disappointing sausage. No harm done, but not my hangover-curing cup of tea.